Multi-risk insurance that aims to protect the material goods of the trade before any unforeseen (Real estate, machinery, furniture and merchandise), its responsibility to claims of third parties and guarantee their income in the event of a stoppage of the activity as a consequence of a loss. This policy is designed especially for sales activities, for businesses of any type.

  • Fire, explosion and lightning.
  • Complete protection of damages caused by fire, explosion, lightning and complementary.
  • Electrical damage. It also covers the electrical damages produced in your installations.
  • Water damage. Including troubleshooting.
  • Replenishment of files. Provided they are not computer science.
  • Aesthetic damage and damage due to theft in the continent.
  • Breakage of crystals, signs and sanitary ware.
  • Theft, plundering and damage.
  • Flaws in the insured continent.
  • Merchandise in shop windows.
  • Cash: In safe or cash register, expoliation, attract customers and employees. Theft of employee assets.
  • Infidelity of employees. Direct losses suffered as a result of abductions, fraud, embezzlement, falsification or misappropriation committed by employees.
  • Replacement of locks for theft and looting of keys
  •    Operational and employer liability.
  •     Product Liability.
  •     Liability Property owner.
  •     Loss of profits.
  •     Electronic Equipment / Machinery Break
  •     Deteriorating goods in refrigerators
  •     Legal Defense and claim for damages
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