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Health Insurance

Complementary CASS

  • We optimize their coverage of public health, 100%
  • 25% Doctor Visits
  • 25% Pharmacy Costs
  • 10% Hospitalization Expenses

Income / Low labor

When I’m counting on low Assega

When I’m off work I can count on Assega

  • Coverage 24H
  • Temporary disability due to an illness or an accident
  • Benefit for childbirth
  • Hospital care for an illness and/or an accident:
  • Coverage for diagnostic tests for extended waiting times
  • 24 hour DKV Medical Line


  • Integral Healthcare
  • Global coverage
  • 100% refund in Andorra
  • 100% refund medical partners. (18.000 specialists)
  • 80% off medical partners refund.
  • Travel assistance around the World

Top health

This policy grants you access to the best private medicine, with everything you need to look after your health and quality of life,  100% COVERAGE WITHOUT LIMITS ON ACCESS OR EXPENSES.

Complete health care:

  • Primary care, specialists, means of diagnosis, therapeutic methods, hospital care, surgery and worldwide emergency care.
  • 100% refund for medications and vaccines.
  • Basic and special odontology.
  • Prostheses, arch supports and implants.
  • Spas after a stay in hospital.

A unique product on the Andorran market And also…*

  • Psychology
  • Homeopathy and acupuncture
  • Network of clinics in USA.

Coverage that makes this policy unique !!!

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