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About Us

About Us

Assega, with more than 20 years of experience in the Andorran market.

We present the widest range of insurance and offer the opportunity to meet the specific needs of each client. Among our advantages include high flexibility of policies, able to propose the best product, optimizing both its cost guarantees, and all this with the support of the leading companies in financial protection.

Francesc Segarra, founder and Director manager of ASSEGA since 1994, prioritizes professionalism, experience and confidence with customers:``We are aware that customer satisfaction is our main asset, and for this reason, our work is based on achieving the tranquility of our client, making its service, absolutely personalised treatment. My client is not a number over dossier, my client receives a simply humanely as friendship. We removed the heavy steps that should make the customer in different departments of a company. with ASSEGA, the customer will always have the same interlocutor at your disposal for any procedure. we make it easy”.

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